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About us


        PINAZO is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of electrical equipment, with extensive experience in this sector. Its activity focuses on the manufacture of reinforced polyester enclosures glass fiber (boxes and cabinets) and assembly of protective equipment, measurement and distribution of electricity, accepted by utilities. Its activity is completed with the manufacture and assembly of command centers street lighting, as well as with making envoventes for water and gas applications.

It began operation in the late '60s and since then the company has evolved to adapt to market changes, offering, today one of the extensive ranges of boxes and cabinets for installation of equipment for measuring, protection and distribution of electricity.

But also it has maintained PINAZO oriented activity diversification policy, developing products that are allowed to be present in sectors such as water, gas and telecommunications.

Our daily effort to improve, by providing quality products and provide the best service to our customers has allowed us to have this evolution. But PINAZO could not have done any of this without the confidence of its customers, suppliers, and other partners. Hence, our thanks to all of them.

Over 50 years in the industry and hundreds of customers
satisfied push us move forward